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Work Visa for South Korea – The A to Z

The Republic of Korea or South Korea lies in the eastern part of Asia and on the southern side of the Korean Peninsula.  A person who intends to take up during his/her stay in the country requires a visa to do so. The work visa for South Korea is of different types depending on the kind of work, and the time period of employment.

The family members of the dependent, who wish to work in South Korea during their stay there, are also required to go for a work visa to gain legal protection. The work visa needs to be approved before arriving in South Korea and only then can you work there legally.

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The different kinds of work visa for South Korea

C-4: Visa for short-term employment

People who wish to engage in a temporary work of fewer than 90 days are granted this visa. The kind of work could be related to music, painting or arts.

E2: Visa for foreign language instructor

This visa is granted to instructors of foreign languages in organizations, broadcasting companies, educational institutions, and other institutions. The specific language should be the mother tongue of the instructor and he /she must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree to teach there.

E-5: Visa for professionals

The candidate who holds an International degree in their profession which is approved by the Korean Government requires this visa to work in Korea. For example, those who wish to practice medicine, law or architecture require this visa to do so.

E-1: Visa for Academician

To conduct a research in their field of study in an institution beyond the level of college or to give a lecture, an Academician requires this visa.

E-3: Visa for doing a research

This visa is granted to candidates who wish to do a research in the natural sciences or in advanced technology. The minimum qualification of the candidates is a Bachelor’s degree and they are required to apply for a position to teach their mother tongue or first language.

E-6: Visa for arts and performances

Candidates who wish to perform arts, music, sports, literature or fashion for a profit requires this visa to do so.

E-4: Visa for transfer of technology

This visa is necessary for people who have been invited to South Korea to give their technical expertise in the fields of technology or natural sciences or in the particular fields that lack experts in this country.

E-10: Visa for the crew in ships

Candidates who wish to work on a ship in South Korea require this visa.

E-7: Visa for special occupations

Candidates who wish to do certain specific kinds of work needs this visa to do so.

H-1: Visa for working holiday

“Agreement on Working Holidays” is an agreement between South Korea and certain specific nations that grants a particular visa for candidates from those countries. This work visa for South Korea allows people to do short-term work to earn enough money to cover their expenses for travel in South Korea. Australian and Japanese candidates should be between the ages of 18-25 and Canadian and New Zealanders should be between 18-30 years of age to get this visa. This visa lets you stay for a maximum of one year.

Employment visas also include the following:

  • D-7: Visa for Intra –company transfer (company assignment)/ the corporate resident/
  • D-9: Visa for trade management
  • D-8: Visa for foreign investment

All the above-mentioned visas need to be granted by the Korean consulate or Korean embassy with jurisdiction over the place of residence of the candidate.  The employer who sponsors the candidate in South Korea needs to file a work permit application at the Entry Inspection Division of the Immigration Office and the Ministry of Justice in the beginning stage. Then the Ministry of Justice confer with the representing organization and decide on whether the visa must be granted or not.

Once that has been approved a CCVI (Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance) is issued by the Ministry of Justice which has to be submitted in the Korean Consulate or Embassy by the applicant in his/her country.

The documents required to get a work visa for South Korea

The important documents required

  • A passport that is valid for at least a period of 6 months from the date of submission of the visa application
  • A duly filled and signed work visa application form and the fees for the application
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Original CCVI application

The South Korean company sponsoring the applicant

       Copies of:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of registration under Foreign Investment Promotion Act or the report of the company
  • Previous years certificate of payment of tax
  • Financial statement for the previous year
  • Details of foreign employees working in the company currently
  • The letter of Invitation issued to the candidate
  • Letter of financial guarantee from the company

The applicant

  • A detailed resume
  • Copies of academic qualifications
  • 2 photographs that are passport sized
  • Copy of the ID page in the passport
  • Description of the proposed job
  • The original contract issued by the company
  • Certificate of health (The candidate needs to be free from contagious diseases)

The family of the applicant (If required)

  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Copy of children’s birth certificates
  • 2 Passport sized photographs
  • Copy of the ID pages in each of their passports

Submission of visa application: Steps to follow

Step 1: Get the Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI)

Before submission of the application for the work visa for South Korea, the candidate must get a CCVI from the Ministry of Justice in South Korea. The time taken for the processing of CCVI application is around 1 to 4 weeks.

Step 2: Submit the Visa Application

Once the CCVI is obtained the applicant must fill and sign the Visa application form and submit the completed form at the South Korean Consulate or Embassy along with all the supporting documents.

Step 3: Submit the fee for visa application

Ensure that you pay all the applicable fee

Step 4: Collect the visa

After the visa application has been processed and the visa has been issued you will be notified and the visa can be collected.

Moving to South Korea with your family?

If you are planning to move to South Korea along with your family the spouse and children of the applicant need to apply for their visas, alien registration, and permits along with that of the main applicant. All the family members who are above 16 years of age would be based on fingerprinting at the time of submission of visa application. An employment authorization also needs to be acquired by the spouse if he/she is planning to work there.

Social security system

The employees who have been hired to work in Korea for a period of five years or more are to register with the social security system of the country. This is not necessary for people who have been hired for a period of fewer than five years. The employers usually include such details in the work contract.

Work visa for South Korea: Do’s and Don’ts


  • The application form needs to be filled accurately without making mistakes and striking off letters.
  • All the originals and Photostat copies of the supporting documents have to be carried with you while submitting the visa application in the embassy.


  • Do not submit false certificates or documents to get a work visa.
  • Do not misrepresent facts or enter false statements on your application form

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